BRANCHES WILL OPERATE AS DRIVE-THRU ONLY ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 23rd, 2021: Due to staffing challenges, we regret to inform that both our Albany and Troy branch lobbies will be closed on Saturday October 23, 2021. Our staff are happy to accommodate most requests during our regular Saturday hours 9am-1pm at the drive-thru or by phone at 518-286-1611. Both branches plan to resume regular lobby and drive-thru access on Monday October 24th. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

Are you tired of rushing to the credit union so that you can deposit your check before the office closes? Are you worried that you may not have all of the funds available from your paycheck right away? Well, end all of your frustration and worries with Direct Deposit.

With Direct Deposit, your paycheck is electronically deposited into your Checking Account or Regular Shares Savings Account. You can sit back and relax and know that funds will be available that will allow checks to clear and automatic payments to be processed. When you combine the benefits of Direct Deposit with the advantages of the SSFCU Visa Check Card, you will be taking full advantage of two of the most reliable and convenient services that SSFCU has to offer. Check with your employer to see if they offer Direct Deposit today!

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Payroll Deduction

This popular service allows our members to deposit part of their paycheck into various accounts that they have at the credit union. For example, if you get paid $500 every two weeks, you may elect to have $100 of your pay deposited into your Checking Account, $50 into your Regular Shares Savings Account, $25 into your Holiday Club Account and $25 into your Summer Shares Account for a rainy day. When it is all said and done, you will receive a paycheck in the amount of $300 with your funds already deposited where you need them! Check with your employer to see if they offer payroll deduction today!

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