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Certificate Secured Loan

The Share Certificate Secured loan allows you to use funds already in your credit union account, that are converted to a Share Certificate and pledged as collateral to your loan. This is a great option when you want to keep funds in the credit union earning interest, but need use of the funds for any reason. The rate that you pay back on the loan is two percentage points over the rate the secured funds are earning in the Share Certificate.

  • Share Certificate Secured Example: Earning 0.45% in a Share Certificate you could borrow up to the amount in that account at 2.45% (the Share Certificate is pledged for the same dollar amount and term as your loan and funds remain in the certificate until the end of the term and loan is paid in full).

Co-Op Shared Branch

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Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint

Sprint Discount

Talk about savings! Say hello to the Sprint credit union member discount program.

Foreign Currency

Traveling out of the country? Order your foreign currency ahead of time with eZforex.

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Providing you information, data and inventory for your next car search.

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